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Spring Fling Supporters
> Our Generous Supporters

Thank you for making Groundwork's Spring Fling 2006 spectacular!


Nicholas LaSorsa


John Abely Jr and Susan A. Abely, Elisha Wiesel, Sheila Patel, John Wiley.


Alexandra Anido, Bernie Arons, Sharon Artis, Craig Bauer, Rishi Bhandari,Robert A. Bonta, John P Carey, Kit Han Chan, Michelle Cherande, Cass Conrad, Michelle Francis, Michael Gallagher, Amanda S Greenfield and Matthew Fassler, J.C., Hilden, Matthew Kaiser, Paul Lekas, Andrew D.Levin, Jaime Parganos, Vivian L. Polack, Naomi Peters, Dave Piersol, Paul Schorr, Courtney Smith, Gregory Smith, Ed Souto.

Thank you to the following companies who donated to our Silent Auction:

Liz Claiborne, Blue Note, Plus One, The Nation, Poet's House, Diner, Posteritati, J.Fold, Knicks, Rangers, Nets, Rack and Soul, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Harbell Flowers, Cirque Du Soleil, Spike's Joint, R 20th Century.



...and the many generous individuals who have supported our work!

Please contact Sadie Slootsky, Director of Development, with any
questions about giving. She can be reached at (718) 346-2200 ext. 127 or
by e-mail at [email protected]