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What's Happening at the Family Resource Center


We implemented the Student Leadership Group (SLG): The SLG is comprised of 8-10 students, with 1-2 representatives from the fourth through eighth grade classes. The group receives ongoing training in the areas of conflict-resolution and peer mediation during a weekly lunch-time session and will eventually be responsible for conducting mediations for their peers.

We piloted Read N' Reward : This past summer, we implemented a new initiative entitled Read N' Reward, a family literacy program which encourages families to read together thereby increasing parental involvement and connection to the program. The program started with just a handful of families and ballooned to include over 50 families by the end of the summer. We are currently investigating funding opportunities that will enable us to implement a year round family literacy program.

We implemented Fresh Start: Fresh Start was implemented this past fall through our Family Resource Center . The program seeks to reduce the number of students who exhibit disruptive behavior in school by assisting P.S. 328 in implementing an organized disciplinary protocol for teachers and administration and providing counseling interventions for students who are chronically disruptive and consistently spending time out of class in detention or on suspension.